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Military Legacy

The best way to tell you about this session is to show you why it began.

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My husband, my hero.


I developed this project searching for a way to preserve our family story of service, sacrifice, and love.  From this personal journey, I am called to do the same with you.  To tell your story on your terms.   The record of service, sacrifice, and place in history that you will leave written in the story of this country is the heritage of your family.  Your story is important and your service is a legacy.

Legacy sessions will capture you as the everyday hero and all around badass that you are.  We’ll incorporate mementos, armor, medals, anything that you feel your children and grandchildren will want to see to better understand your legacy.  Your portraits and photographs will be turned into heirloom albums and prints to pass down through generations.


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Legacy sessions are deeply meaningful gifts for promotions, retirement, and farewells.  Contact me here to begin recording your legacy.

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