Legacy Mini Sessions

I’m super excited to announce Legacy Mini Sessions!  Offered for a limited time only, these sessions are designed to capture the hero you are and the family you love.  We’ll have a fun, laid back photo session and create images your family will cherish for generations. Here are the details:

Albums – Tell Your Story + So Pretty

Remember photo albums?  Those plastic sleeves filled with snippets of memory: embarrassing high school dances, your first day of Kindergarten, your baby photos, your parents’ wedding photos, your mom rocking some rad look, your grandmother carrying a birthday cake, an old black and white shot of a baby outside –

St Louis Scott AFB Family Photographer Prints

Metal Prints – So shiny, so perfect!

Ever since seeing a photograph printed on metal, I’ve been in a swoon.  This is some mad love.  Colors are so crisp and bright, it’s like looking through a window to some wonderful memory.  They are a cinch to hang and bring such a clean and modern look to wall

Introducing Packages + Galleries

This month marks the 3rd Anniversary of the launch of Happy Glampers Photography, and with each milestone we try to slow down and check back in with the foundations of this little business.  So really this is all about you.  You, beautiful people, are the foundation of this business.

5 Essentials For Buying A New Camera

Talking cameras is a sure-fire way to start an hours-long conversation with any photographer.  We love talking gear; we all have our favorite brands and we all think we know best.  Sure, we have invested way more time than is healthy in researching and messing about with gear; but here’s

Camping glamping airstream illinois

Little Land of Lakes: Pyramid State Park

I think this year in glamping will bring some exciting challenges like, “That looks like a road on Google Maps…let’s try it!” and, “Well, this road is pretty narrow, good thing Honeysuckle Manor isn’t very wide!” and, “Oops, forgot the bug spray, I’m sure the mosquitoes aren’t that bad here.” 

Life as Composite: Photography + Glamping

It’s time for a change, more rad, more real!   It feels natural to really integrate my two passions: photography and glamping.  Some of you may know my husband and I have a separate blog in which we write about glamping, but it’s fallen off the radar since we moved

Travel photography & family vacation | St. Louis Family Photographer

Some might call it winter, but I call it camping weather.  And the first and most important thing to pack: a camera.

Modern Studio – Shadow Silhouettes | St. Louis Family Photographer

Remember those shadow silhouette drawings women in empire waisted dresses would create whilst games of whist played in the background? So Jane Austen! And who doesn’t love Austen?!?!  So I’ve been trying a modern spin.

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